Why Health Experts are Jumping on the Sea Moss Trend

Why Health Experts are Jumping on the Sea Moss Trend

Sea moss, also known as Irish moss, is a type of red algae. It’s available raw and in supplement forms such as gel, gummies, and capsules, and it has benefits aligned with those of other seaweeds. Here are some reasons to consider adding this sea vegetable to your diet:
It’s a superfood
o Sea moss is high in fiber, and it can improve blood sugar control and lower your
cholesterol. The improvement of these key health factors can lower your risk of
chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.
∙ Anti-viral
o Sea moss contains nutrients with anti-viral, antibacterial, anticoagulant, and
antimicrobial properties. This boosts your immune system and helps your body
fight off sickness.
∙ Weight Loss
o Sea Moss acts as a prebiotic, which helps with digestion, and a healthy digestive system goes hand in hand with weight loss. As a high-fiber food and metabolism booster, it will help prevent overeating.
∙ Anti-inflammatory
o Sea Moss is a natural decongestant, and the anti-inflammatory properties of this
superfood make it a great supplement to speed up workout recovery. The main
nutrients responsible for dissolving mucus and fighting inflammation are
potassium chloride, Omega-3 fatty acids, and chlorophyll. Sea moss contains all
of these.
∙ Energy boost
o Sea moss boosts energy and may help relieve fatigue post workout. Sea moss is rich in an amino acid called taurine, which helps with muscle-building and
∙ Gut Health
o Algae like sea moss is a good source of fiber and live bacteria. This can help to
replenish the good bacteria in our gut. Gut health is associated with overall health
and therefore this bacterial balance is a key factor for your wellness.
∙ Iodine
o Your body doesn’t make iodine on its own, so incorporating sea moss into your
diet is a great way to increase your iodine levels. This is essential to a healthy
∙ Mental Health
o Sea moss is high in B Vitamins and can reduce cortisol. This can relieve stress,
anxiety, and depression.

Benefits of a tropical post workout smoothie with sea
Not only are tropical post workout smoothies healthy and delicious, but they can be even healthier when you add sea moss.
∙ Weight management:
o For the most part, smoothies can be a refreshing post workout boost. After you
exercise, your metabolism is already doing its job. Added sea moss is a great
source of fiber and will help fill you up to combat hunger. Many smoothies that
are offered at gyms or stores are high in sugar with unknown additives. It’s best to
make your own tropical smoothie post workout, so you know exactly what’s
going into it.
∙ Provide hydration:
o You can easily rehydrate with a tropical smoothie post workout. Including your
favorite fruits, vegetables, and sea moss will incorporate the necessary vitamins to replenish and rejuvenate you after your workout.
∙ Highly customizable:
o One of the many great things about a great tropical smoothie post workout is that it’s easy to experiment with. You can choose what to include based on your
preferences and needs. Some people may prefer to include a bit more fruit, while
others might feel best to keep it low-carb. Sea moss pairs well with any fruit,
milk, or juice of your choice!
After finishing your workout, it’s necessary to give your body the nutrients it needs to rebuild its glycogen stores and replace the fluids lost from sweating. A tropical smoothie post workout should help you rehydrate, refuel, and build muscle. Even better, a sea moss smoothie is a quick, easy, and delicious way to accomplish these goals.

Tropical Smoothie Post Workout:
Quick and Easy Recipe
Enjoy a healthy tropical treat to replenish your body and spirit after a vigorous
exercise session. Here's a recipe, with a few variations, for your tropical smoothie
post workout.
Who doesn’t love a smoothie? Many athletes enjoy a tropical smoothie post workout to help muscles recover. Smoothies are packed with health benefits, and they’re easy to prepare. Try this recipe to improve your energy and get a healthy dose of vital nutrients:
∙ 2 ripe bananas
∙ 1/2 cup frozen mangoes
∙ 1/3 cup frozen pineapple
∙ 1 orange, peeled
∙ 4 Tbsp Yemaya Organic Sea Moss Gel
∙ 1 cup almond milk
1. Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth
2. Pour into a jar and enjoy!
Recipe alternatives:
Switch out the almond milk for oat milk, skim, or any milk of your choice. Or try substituting the milk with your favorite fruit juice if preferred. You can now enjoy an easy tropical smoothie post workout.


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Disclaimer: The content provided in this blog is intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Specifically, concerning the use and consumption of sea moss gel, while it is a natural product and has been used traditionally in various cultures, its effects can vary among individuals.

It's important to remember that everyone's health and nutritional needs are different. Therefore, before incorporating sea moss gel or any other new food or supplement into your diet, it is strongly advised that you consult with your healthcare provider.

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