Frequently Asked Questions

RINSE: rinse Yemaya sea moss with fresh water to remove any sand and salt

SOAK: place in a large container (sea moss will triple in size). Submerge & soak
over night (10 hours). Use 4 cups of fresh water to every 1 ounce of dry Sea Moss.

BLEND: Strain and rinse again. Blend Sea
Moss with 3 cups of fresh water in a high speed blender
for 3-4 minutes until smooth

ENJOY: Refrigerate. Gel forms as it cools. Add lemon or lime juice to preserve freshness

We wildcraft directly from the beautiful island of St. Lucia.

2.5oz’s of Sea Moss will make approximately 65 ounce of Gel

For an adult, two tablespoons daily is the suggested daily dose of Sea Moss Gel. 2 teaspoons for a child

Yemaya Sea Moss is wildcrafted off of ropes in a marine protected area.

We recommend blending the soaked Sea Moss in fresh water. We repurpose the soaked water to water our plants.  They love it!

Our Sea Moss is free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial additives.

Yemaya Sea Moss is distributed by Yemaya Organic.

This comes down to your own personal preference- some like to have fresh citrus to balance the natural flavors of the Sea Moss while other like to add lemon/lime to alkalize the gel

Raw Sea Moss is best consumed once transformed into Gel. Then you can add to your favorite smoothies, soup, yogurt, dressing, dessert, etc.

Once you’ve made your Sea Moss Gel, store in an air tight jar and refrigerate for 2-3 weeks

Yemaya Sea Moss is washed only with fresh water.